As for my experience and qualifications, well I have a bunch.

I don’t want to bore you with too many details, so here’s the notebook version.

I have 25 years of hammering away and making things happen.

My background is in marketing, business, psychology, finance, design and branding.

Yes, that sounds a bit nutty, and it actually is.

But my nuttiness is highly potent and proven when it comes to helping build their influence, make more money, and create wealth.

Here are some crazy numbers from all of my hammering:
  • I’ve worked with more than 4,000 companies all around the world.
  • I’ve worked with small companies, government, big giant Fortune 500 companies and everything in between.
  • I’ve helped thousands of individuals build their influence, income, and wealth.
  • I’ve launched over 2,000 websites and completed 25,000 projects of all types.
  • I’ve helped generate over a billion dollars in revenue for the companies and clients I’ve worked with.
Below are a few more interesting tidbits.

I’ve seen and lived through a ton, including bull markets and stock market crashes, wars, real estate booms and bust, and the all too infamous dot-com boom, bubble, and burst.

I’ve worked in offices in Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, and New York.

Just as a side note: My office in New York was in the old 2 World Trade Center or South Tower where we occupied 25 floors.

Most of my business was done on the 69th floor. I was scheduled to be at the Tower of week of the week of 9/11 disaster, but my wife talked me into a hiking trip to Rocky Mountain National Park instead on that date.

Fate was with me high in the mountains, but I tragically I lost 13 co-workers. Heart wrenching and a life wake- up call for sure.

To this day I still grieve for my co-workers and am chilled by my brush with 9/11.

At my first job I got the privilege of using the very first Apple Macintosh computer. A few years later, I used a Steve Job’s NeXT computer, which when looking back, was pretty cool.