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What Is A Rock Ash® Home Builder Lead Generation Site?

It’s a powerful website that is optimally designed to capture contact information and building intentions of prospects possibly interested in building or buying a newly-built home.

A Lead Generation Site is NOT a replacement for your company website, but a separate website that acts as an additional tool in your marketing arsenal that’s 100% focused on capturing buyer leads and that’s its sole purpose, and it does it well.

It does it well because these sites are strategically architected around how buyers think and utilize the internet to make home building decisions today. The strategy utilizes content to educate, entice, and capture prospective buyers in all stages of the home building process, but puts a strong emphasis on capturing buyers early on the minute they start researching home building.

The goal is to be the first home builder to make contact with them so you can nurture a lasting relationship and ultimately build them a home.

How Well Do Rock Ash Lead Generation Sites Work?

Very Well!

Research showed that *69 percent of site visitors who visited Rock Ash Lead Generation Sites left their contact information and building intentions!

Rock Ash Lead Generation Sites

On the contrary, only *4 percent of site visitors who visited home builder or contractor websites left their contact information and building intentions.

Building Professional Websites

*The research was conducted March 10-15, 2019.

What Makes Our Lead Generation Sites So Powerful?

Three Big Reasons and they are:

Reason One: Branded as a Useful Informational Website

Reason Two: Includes a Lead Magnet Prospects Want & Need

Reason Three: Optimally Designed to Capture Leads

As you can see, Rock Ash Lead Generation sites are optimally designed to get you buyer leads. If you’re interested in selling more homes and increasing revenue, then you need to implement a Lead Generation Site.

Steps to Getting Leads, Selling More Homes, & Increasing Revenue

So How Does it Work?

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    Launch a Rock Ash Lead Generation Site for your marketplace.

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    Drive prospects to your new Lead Generation Site. To do this, promote your new site on a regular basis:

    Here’s a few ideas for promoting your new site:

    • Promote on your company website
    • On your Facebook page
    • On Houzz and Pinterest
    • In email
    • Facebook and Google Ads
    • Traditional ads (newspaper, home magazines, etc.)
    • Promote on flyers and stationary
    • Search engine optimization
    • Home building seminars
    • Press releases
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    Capture prospective buyer leads once you start driving prospects to your new site.

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    Ensure that you follow-up with each lead, and nurture a trusting relationship. Get to know them, and meet with them personally. Be patient. Stay in touch on a monthly basis.

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    Turn your trusting relationships you develop into contracts and build more homes and increase revenue as a result.

The Latest Technology and Mobile Responsive

Our Rock Ash Lead Generation sites use the latest technology to ensure your site is fully responsive and mobile friendly, meaning not only will your site look good on standard computers, but also on phones and tablets. Once your lead generation site is launched, we’ll also continuously update you site making sure it’s up-to-date with the latest coding and functionality giving you an ongoing edge.

Simple For You

At Rock Ash we understand you’re busy wearing many hats operating your business and building homes. The last thing you need is the additional time consuming task of trying to create a new Lead Generation website and the ongoing time it takes to maintain it once launched – you just don’t have that kind of time.

Leave that to us the experts.

Everything we do at Rock Ash is designed to provide you with a stress-free Lead Generation Site option. This includes making it very easy for you to decide if Rock Ash is right for you with easy to understand pricing, no complicated terms, and our Free Website Preview.

Design & Customization

We’ll localize your Lead Generation Site and home building guide for you, including photos, making you the author, etc.

Domain Name

Your site comes with one free domain. We take care of registration and renewals. Or we can use yours if you own one.

Website Hosting

We take care of the hosting of your new Lead Generation Site on our server, so you don’t have to worry about it. Simple.

Manage Leads

You’ll get a password to the back office of your site so you can view leads, download leads, etc. Plus leads are emailed to you.

Get Online Fast

With your cooperation, we can have your site online within 5 days, as opposed to weeks like others options.

Pricing & Terms

We offer easy to understand pricing & terms making your decision-making process to go with Rock Ash super simple.

Hundreds of Happy Clients

The true measure of our success is happy clients! At Rock Ash we work extremely hard to satisfy and build rock solid relationships with every one of our clients. We would like the opportunity to earn your trust and build a long-term relationship with you. See for yourself what people are saying about Rock Ash!
Never Had So Many Leads Before!

We have never had so many leads to work with, and we're averaging a new sales a month as a direct result of the Leads we’ve generated using our Rock Ash Lead Generation Site. If you don't take advantage of Rock Ash, you'd better hope your competitors don’t find this.

Howard Turner
Highly Recommended

I highly recommend Rock Ash Lead Generation Sites to any builder or contractor who wants to leverage the power of the internet to find buyers who are interested in building a new home. These sites flat out work! No brainer. I highly recommend Rock Ash as a top-notch service provider!

James Mabry

AMAZING! Rock Ash is FABULOUS. We have over 176 leads in our pipeline and currently five homes that are built as a direct result of our Lead Generation Site. Obviously, I highly recommend Rock Ash, and you won’t find anything close to what they offer at such an affordable price. Go for Rock Ash!

Patricia Scales
350 Leads, 4 Homes Started

Thank you, Rock Ash!!! With your site, we have generated over 350 leads in just five months, and we have started constructions on four homes already, and also have two more meetings set up that may turn into possible contracts. The value here compared to the profit we stand to gain is outrageous, but we’re not arguing!

Conrad Pacheco
Increased Sales By 29%

We have used a Lead Generation Site with fantastic results now for the last nine months! Since we launched our site, we have experienced incredible results beyond our expectations. We have acquired 802 leads, increased sales by 29%, all as a result of a simple lead capturing site that has changed our business in ways we could have never imagined. Thanks to Rock and the Rock Ash team!

Bart Caldwell

Here's What's Included

At Rock Ash we offer a Lead Generation Site that is robust and includes everything you need for a strong web presence that allows you to be generate buyer leads online, all at the most affordable and advantageous pricing you’ll find anywhere – guaranteed.

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